PlayLab 2024 Casting

Florida Rep’s 2024 PlayLab

Florida Rep is seeking digital submissions for its 2024 PlayLab Festival. Florida and Southwest Florida actors and stage managers are encouraged to submit for roles and positions in Florida Rep’s popular PlayLab Festival of New Works held May 2 – 5, 2024. Rehearsals begin the week of April 29.

FOLLOW THIS LINK TO SUBMIT (Actors and Stage Managers)

See the listings below for character breakdowns and likely rehearsal days.

DUNK CITY by Stephen Brown
Reading: Thursday, May 2 | 7 PM
Likely Reh: May 1 & 2

  • DAVEY. 18. M. Kinda wimpy, but wants to be strong and confident. Has a co-dependent relationship with his ma Donna.
  • JEN. 18. F. Shy, but with an undercurrent of strength. Davey’s girlfriend.
  • DONNA. 50s. F. Davey’s mother. Her entire life revolves around defending her sweet son from the world. And will fuck up whoever gets in the way.
  • SHELL. 30s. F. Davey’s overlooked sister. She deeply wants to be acknowledged in her family. Super positive and always looks on the bright side.
  • STUEY. 30s. M. Shell’s boyfriend. A drug-dealer in the community who’s been working on himself in therapy. Really positive. Probably would’ve been a rapper had things worked out differently in his life.


  • DR. VERDI. 70s. F. The community doctor. Very professional but also kind of a gossip. Her job is very important to her.
  • CARLOTTA. 70s. F. Carlotta is from the old country and has seen some shit. Lives with her daughter Donna and enjoys providing her unbiased (blunt) opinion.

Reading: Friday, May 3 | 7 PM
Likely Reh: May 2 & 3

Seeking 3 men and 3 women to play various roles throughout this play. Versatile character actors who can play a range of ages and types.

  • MAN 1: 20s-30s
  • WOMAN 1: 20s-30s
  • MAN 2: 30s-50s
  • WOMAN 2: 30s-50s
  • MAN 3: 40s-70s
  • WOMAN 3: 40s-70s

MINDING MISS MAE MAE by Phillip Christian Smith
Reading: Saturday, May 4 | 2 PM
Likely Reh: May 2, 3, & 4

  • BARBARA. 50s. F. Black. A mother and nurse’s aid.
  • JORDAN. 30s. M. Black. Son, actor, and addict.
  • MISS MAE MAE. 50s – 60s. F. Black . A paraplegic and Barbara’s boss.

HOW IT FEELS TO FALL FROM THE SKY by Dominic Finocchiaro
Reading: Saturday, May 4 | 7 PM
Likely Reh: May 2, 3, & 4

  • MARJORY. F. 81.
  • LUIS. M. 19. Latinx.
  • BIRCH. F. 24.
  • LEONARD. M. 44.
  • KATHRYN. F. 42.

ROOM 1214 by Michelle Kholos Brooks
Reading: Sunday, May 5 | 4 PM
Likely Reh: May 3, 5, & 5

  • LILY FRIEDMAN. F. 40s-50s. Based on a Holocaust Studies teacher from Parkland high school. Jewish. She exhibits a stark honesty, a great sense of humor and a profound sweetness.
  • HANNAH. F. 16-17. F. Mixed race. A good student. A touch more innocent than an average teen.
  • NATE. M. 16-17. Charming and driven.
  • ELLIE. F. Late teens. A mediator and truth-teller.