Stand-up Comedy: Stand-up Comedian

Headliner on January 26 America’s Most Hilarious Teacher, Mike Rivera began his career performing comedy while a student at San Jose State University. Always valuing education, Mike set-off to perfect his Stand-Up skills in the comedy clubs of the San Francisco Bay Area. Within a year, Mike was a regular at all the clubs, opening for big named acts and appearing on local television and radio stations.

After becoming a regional winner of ShowTime’s Funniest Person in America and appearing on HBO’s From the Earth to the Moon, Mike Rivera found a way to bring his comedic act to our future generations.

For the past thirteen years, Mike has been bringing humor to his students as a full-time Civics middle school teacher. Winning Teacher of the Year in his very first year as an educator, Mike realized he could really make a difference in and out of the classroom. In his thirteen years of teaching, Mike has been recognized for his innovative teaching approach by being named Whose Who Among American Teachers, earning Most Comprehensive Multicultural Program, and also Pinellas County School’s Program on the Move. Working as a comic at night, the number thirteen proved to be a lucky number when he was named America’s Most Hilarious Teacher in 2013.

A favorite teacher to many, Mr. Rivera’s philosophy is that all students should have the right and opportunity to learn in a caring environment that encourages them to reach their highest potential, all the while having fun.

It is this philosophy that has motivated Mike to guide students abroad for the last ten years. Taking kinesthetic learning to an entirely different level, Mike takes students out of the classroom and into the world by leading them on tours across the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, China, Peru, Asia, and South America. Viewing the world through the eyes of his students is only one of the many things that make Mr. Rivera a comical teacher students will never forget.

As America’s Most Hilarious Teacher, Mike Rivera is a versatile performer who brings high energy with a brazen sense of humor for one knockout show in and out of the classroom.


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