2’s Review: “And Then There Were None”

2’s Review: “And Then There Were None”

Love murder mysteries? Want to try and figure out a good whodunit?

The best-selling crime novel of all time is coming to life on the main stage of the Florida Repertory Theatre in Downtown Fort Myers.

Whether you’ve read the book, seen the movie or the TV mini-series, they won’t compare to watching it play out in front of you.

I was afraid the show would appear too dated for my liking but that couldn’t have been further from the truth and I liken that to the superb veteran cast in this show that turns the stage into an impromptu court of law.


There is a lot of talent on stage as seasoned actors play the ten strangers summoned to a retreat on the remote Soldier Island based on the 1939 Agatha Christie murder mystery.

One by one, the strangers begin to die and the audience is left to solve the crime but without knowing the story will you know who did it?

Perhaps my favorite character in this show is Emily Brent, a self-righteous old spinster certain of everyone else’s sin. Actress Sara Morsey, who recently appeared in Driving Miss Daisy, delivered her character precisely and her lines by today’s standards are quite humorous. I loved it!


Vera Claythorne, a school teacher/secretary, is another intriguing character played brilliantly by Actress Ellyn Heald as one of the main characters who are invited to the island and then accused of murders who avoided punishment for their crimes.

I also enjoyed the enthusiasm that actor Sean-Michael Wilkinson brought to the stage in his arrogant character Philip Lombard, who is perhaps the most mysterious guest on the island.

This is a mystery where there is no detective except for you and the rest of the audience as you try and figure out who is slowly killing off the guests whose murders are based on the children’s nursery rhyme, “Ten Little Soldier Boys”.

A framed copy of the old rhyme hangs in the dining room along with ten figurines which slowly begin to disappear just like the guests.

In all, this is a brilliant show that is sure to capture your attention in a nice amount of time and will leave you questioning who you turn into in times of fear.

“And Then There Were None” runs through December 18th in the Historic Arcade Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online at www.floridarep.org or by calling the box office at 239-332-4488.