NBC2 Review: “A true work of art that should not be missed!”

NBC2 Review: “A true work of art that should not be missed!”

2’s Review: ‘Alabaster’ makes premiere at Florida Rep
This is a story that asks each one of us what we ache for.
Wednesday, December 25th 2019, 9:28 AM EST by Dave Elias

A tornado rips through the small town of Alabaster, Alabama wreaking havoc on the life of a small-town country bumpkin. The tornado rips apart everything she has ever known forcing her to pick up the pieces and move on, but not without taking the audience along her gripping emotional journey.

‘Alabaster’ is making its world premiere on stage at the Florida Repertory Artstage Studio Theatre in downtown Fort Myers.

This is a story that asks each one of us what we ache for. It’s a story that deals with pain, loss, and grief that ultimately knocks at all our doors at some point in life, but it’s a reminder of how we deal with it that ultimately defines us.

This all-female cast tells the story of struggle after the tornado leaves behind death and destruction for the main character June who barely survives the storm bearing both the mental and physical scars as she fights to make sense of life and what little remains, along with her pet goat, Weezy, who plays an instrumental and unique roll in her fight to survive.

It’s not until a prominent photographer, Alice, arrives to document her story that the two are forced to confront their own pain and loss. This is a show that clearly displays the five stages of grief. The actresses in this performance deliver all the raw emotions of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.

Rachel Burttram, who plays June, delivers a heart-wrenching performance filled with emotion and comedy in her convincing role as the southern recluse, that she is able to take the audience with her through an emotional roller coaster over the nearly two-hour experience. Add that with the talents of Dana Brooke, who plays the photographer Alice, that deals with her own emotional loss and struggles as the two help each other to get past the roadblocks life sometimes throws our way.

This is a show that will have you thinking and talking, but be aware this is a dark comedy-drama with strong adult language and nudity.

Attending this show will allow you to say that you saw it first in Fort Myers as the show makes its “world premiere” and will debut in only 10 other theaters over the next year.

The entire cast, including Florida Rep ensemble member and Associate Artistic Director Jason Parish, should take a bow on delivering a true work of art that should not be missed this season.

The show runs through January 26.

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