Do You Miss the Theatre?

Do You Miss the Theatre?

Florida Repertory Theatre is in the business of bringing people together to celebrate artists and theatre, and all the people who give their lives to create it and who love to watch it. Our work is about collective shared experiences, and until we get the pandemic under control, our whole industry is on an intermission. The one thing we can do as a community to drive the numbers down is to wear a mask.

If you miss the theatre, if you miss coming together, if you miss sharing the experience of storytelling, please do your part. Wear a mask in public when social distancing isn’t possible. The sooner the numbers come down, the sooner we can go to the theatre again.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to these familiar characters from our recent productions…

We want to see you at the theatre again soon!
(Click images to enlarge. Photos by Nick Adams.)