BWW Review: DRIVING MISS DAISY at Florida Repertory Theatre

BWW Review: DRIVING MISS DAISY at Florida Repertory Theatre


Florida Repertory Theatre’s production of DRIVING MISS DAISY is playing now in their ArtStage Studio Theatre. The show tells the heartwarming story of an unlikely friendship forged during Civil Rights-era Atlanta.

Daisy Werthan is played by Sara Morsey, and she is phenomenal. She truly captures the essence of Daisy; she is stubborn, independent, and determined. When her son, Boolie Werthan (Jason Parrish) hires a driver for her, Hoke Coleburn (Mujahid Abdul-Rashid), she is initially very against the idea. It takes time for her to accept her need for a driver, but once she does, they start to develop a special bond. The show progresses through years and decades, and the audience gets to see how their relationship changes as the time passes. Many things diminish over the years, but their friendship only strengthens. I loved watching Daisy and Hoke’s friendship grow, and these actors were absolutely brilliant at bringing their characters and this relationship to life. They embodied these roles, making it so special and sweet to watch. It was also very sweet to see how Boolie cared for Daisy despite her protests. He knew what was best for her, and took care of both her and Hoke throughout the story. Parrish did an excellent job portraying the bond that Boolie forms with Hoke as well as his relationship with his mother.

DRIVING MISS DAISY was directed by Maureen Heffernan, with set design by Richard Crowell, costume design by Kristina Tollefson, lighting design by Todd O. Wren, and sound design by Adam Trummel. The setting of Florida Rep’s ArtStage Studio Theatre was perfect for this show. It is an intimate space, and it really brings you in closer to the story. Each part of this production was done very well, and I really enjoyed it.


DRIVING MISS DAISY is a beautiful, funny, heartwarming show. There are many bittersweet moments throughout, and many layers of depth to each part. I think it is a classic play for a reason, and this was a truly delightful production to watch. I absolutely suggest seeing this production if you have the chance, but hurry, tickets are nearly sold out!

For more information and to buy tickets, click here: https://www.floridarep.org/the-season/driving-miss-daisy/