2023-2024 Casting Breakdowns

Florida Rep’s 2023-2024 Season


Florida Rep is seeking submissions for the following roles and understudy and swing opportunities. For pre-cast roles, auditioning performers will be considered as possible (emergency) replacements, should any become necessary.

STAGE MANAGERS: Florida Repertory Theatre is seeking submissions for Stage Managers and Assistant Stage Managers open positions throughout the season. Please send a resume to this email address with “STAGE MANAGER SEARCH” in the subject line. STAGE MANAGER resumes will also be accepted as possible replacements for unexpected vacancies as the season progresses.

BEGUILED AGAIN Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Conceived by J. Barry Lewis, Lynnette Barkley, and Craig D. Ames. Music Arrangements by Craig D. Ames. Dir: Michael Marotta. Music Dir: Andrew Smithson. 1st reh: 08/29/23. Runs: 09/19/23 – 10/29/23. Possible Extension: 11/19/23. In the ArtStage Studio Theatre.

Note: Seeking a diverse group of personalities who are strong actors and solid singers with a great ear for harmonies, and who are comfortable with movement.

WOMAN 1: [CAST] 40+ Classic leading lady. Soprano/mix.

WOMAN 2: Everyone’s best friend. Alto/mix.

WOMAN 3: A big belter. A character actress with comic chops.

MAN 1: A classic leading man. Bari-tenor.

MAN 2: A handsome character actor. Bari-tenor.

MAN 3: A strong comic and character actor. Seeking an actor who resembles a young Lorenz Hart.

THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE by Matthew Lopez. Dir: Jason Parrish. Choreographer: Kyle Brand. 1st reh: 10/03/23. Runs: 10/24/23 – 11/12/23. In Florida Rep’s Historic Arcade Theatre.

Casey: White male. 20s. An Elvis impersonator struggling to support his wife and new baby. Starts a secret career as a drag performer, Georgia McBride, after losing his job at a local Panama City, Florida dive bar. Seeking a performer who moves well and has strong acting and comic skills.

Jo: African American female. 20s. Casey’s wife – newly pregnant and worried about finances as the young couple starts their life together.

Miss Tracy Mills: [CAST]. Male 40s-50s. Any ethnicity. An elegant drag queen.

Rexy/Jason: Male. 20s-30s. Any ethnicity. Seeking one actor to play two roles. Rexy: A drag queen in Tracy’s act – not as elegant as Tracy. Jason: A friend of Jo and Casey’s.

Eddie: [CAST]. Male 50s-60s. Proprietor of Cleo’s on Panama City Beach, a dive bar.

A SHERLOCK CAROL by Mark Shanahan. Dir: Jeffrey Binder. 1st Reh:11/07/23. Runs: 11/28/23 – 12/17/23. Possible extension: 12/22/23. In Florida Rep’s Historic Arcade Theatre.

NOTE: This is a mash-up of Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters. Seeking a diverse company of versatile actor/comedian/dialecticians to portray multiple characters in Victorian London. Multiple British dialects will be used.

Sherlock Holmes: 40s – 50s. The World’s Foremost Consulting Detective, in decline.

Ebenezer Scrooge: [CAST]. 60 – 70s. Formerly a miser, one Christmas, Scrooge transformed into as good a man as the good old city ever knew.

Player One: Male. 30s-40s. Plays Dr. Timothy Cratchit: Tiny Tim, all grown up) Now, a doctor at St. Bernard’s Hospital for Children. He speaks with a more refined accent than his sister. Mr. Topper: The manager of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. A bit older, a bit pompous. Easily irritated. Supposedly a friend of Fred, Scrooge’s nephew. Ralph Fezziwig: A nervous, wiry young man. The black sheep of a proud family. Engaged to Fannie. Constable Bradstreet: A seemingly upstanding member of Scotland Yard.

Player  Two: Female 20s-30s. Plays Emma Wiggins: A good-spirited and brave 13-year-old, she is a former Baker Street Irregular. Fan Gardner: Scrooge’s granddaughter. A refined young woman, she works backstage at the theatre in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Engaged to Ralph Fezziwig. Inspector Lestrade: Blustery, easily confounded member of Scotland Yard. He has grudging respect for Holmes. Mrs. Windigate: A Scottish tavern keeper and member of the Goose Club. Giggly, a whirlwind.

Player Three: [Cast]. Male 40s-50s. Plays Dr. Watson: Sherlock Holmes’ best and most loyal friend. The
Boswell to Holmes’ Johnson. Mrs. Dilber: Mr. Scrooge’s housekeeper of over 30 years. An emotional creature with a connection to the spiritual realm. Henry Burke: An Irish candle maker, an old friend of Mr. Scrooge. Old Joe Brackenridge: The owner of “Old Joe’s” in Covent Garden. Gruff, a born salesman.

Player Four: Female 40s-50s. Plays Caroler: A cheerful person in the street. Woman in Restaurant: A London lady. The Countess of Morcar: American. An old love of Holmes’ who also goes by another name, Irene Adler. Martha Cratchit: Tough and a bit lower class than her brother. She is as smart and observant as any detective she might happen to meet. Mary Morstan: Watson’s elegant and brave wife. Abigail Fezziwig: Runs a business fattening geese for market. She is no nonsense and direct – a proud member of the hardworking Fezziwig family.

THE MOUNTAINTOP by Katori Hall. Dir: Ansley Valentine. 1st Reh: 11/21/23. Runs:12/12/23 – 1/14/24. Possible Extension: 1/21/23. In Florida Rep’s ArtStage Studio Theatre.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Black male. 39 (seeking an actor 30s-40s). A preacher and famed civil rights leader. In this play, we meet King on the night before an important speech – on the eve of the assassination that took his life.

Camae: Black female. 20s-30s. A pretty, young maid. Her first day on the job at the Lorraine Motel.

BEEHIVE: THE 60s MUSICAL created by Larry Gallagher. Dir: Greg Longenhagen. Musical Director: Victoria Casella. Choreographer: TBA. 1st Reh: 12/19/23. Runs: 1/09/24 – 1/28/24. Possible Extension: 1/31/24. In Florida Rep’s Historic Arcade Theatre.

NOTE: Seeking a diverse and versatile company of 20s-30s actor/singer/dancers to pay tribute to the strong, female voices of the 1960s.

Wanda: Black female. 20s – 30s. Serves as the strong-voice narrator of the story that weaves through the tumultuous decade. Strong, warm, engaging. Sings “The Name Game,” “Sweet Talkin’ Guy,” Then He Kissed Me,” and others.

Jasmine: Black female. 20s – 30s. This track sings hits from Diana Ross, Judy Craig (the Chiffons). She sings “One Fine Day,” “Where Did Our Love Go?” “Come See About Me,” and others.

Laura: Female. 20s – 30s. This track sings hits from Janis Joplin, Lulu, and others. Sings songs “Will You Still
Love Me Tomorrow,” “To Sir with Love,” “Piece of My Heart,” “Try,” “Me and Bobby McGee,” and others.

Allison: Female. 20s – 30s. She has a warm, lyrical voice. This track sings hits from Petula Clark and others. Sings “Downtown,” “Where the Boys Are,” “Society’s Child,” “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” and others.

Pattie: Female. 20s – 30s. Sings “It’s My Party,” “You Don’t Own Me,” mand others.

Gina: Black female. 20s-30s. This track sings hits from Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and the lead singer of the
Starlets. Sings “I Sold My Heart to a Junkman,” “A Fool in Love,” “Proud Mary,” “Respect” and others

THE GIN GAME by D.L. Coburn. Dir: Maureen Heffernan. 1st Reh: 1/9/24. Runs: 1/30/23 – 3/03/24. Possible Extension: 3/17/24. In the ArtStage Studio Theatre.

Fonsia Dorsey: [Cast]. Female. 70+. Resident of a rundown nursing home. Proud, prim, and self-righteous.

Weller Martin: [Cast]. Male. 70+. Lonely resident of a rundown nursing home. Frustrated at losing all the games of Gin.

Ken Ludwig’s A COMEDY OF TENORS. Dir: Chris Clavelli. 1st Reh: 1/23/24. Runs: 2/13/24 – 3/03/24. In Florida Rep’s Historic Arcade Theatre

Saunders: [CAST]. Male 50s. High-strung American opera producer. Always dealing with a crisis.

Max: Male. 30s. Rising American Opera singer and former assistant to Saunders. Smart, level-headed, good comic timing, should sing well. Tenor.

Tito/Beppo: Male. 50s. Larger-than-life, world-famous, Italian opera tenor. Passionate and loud. Also plays Beppo, the gregarious Italian bellhop/former gondolier who looks lust like Tito. Must be a strong tenor.

Maria: [CAST]. Female 50s. Stunning and hot-tempered Italian woman. Married to Tito.

Mimi: Female. 20s. Italian-American daughter to Tito & Maria. Bright-eyed star, hoping to be discovered. She was raised in America and speaks without an Italian accent.

Carlo: Male. 20s. Dashing, young opera impresario. Romantically involved with Mimi. Italian, but does not speak with an Italian accent.

Racón: Female. 40s – 50s. A glamorous Russian opera star. Having an affair with Tito.

HANK WILLIAMS: LOST HIGHWAY by Randal Myler and Mark Harelik. Dir: Jason Parrish. Music Dir: Matt Cusack. Choreographer: TBA. 1st Reh: 02/26/24. Runs: 3/19/24 – 4/14/24. Possible Extension: 4/28/24. In Florida Rep’s Historic Arcade Theatre.

Please Note: Seeking versatile actor/musicians for most roles.

Hank Williams: Male. 20s – 30s. A south Alabama hillbilly singer, thin and black-eyed. He dresses in high-priced western suits and always wears a Stetson. Must be a proficient guitar player.

Tee-Tot: Black male. 20s-50s. A South Alabama street singer. Guitar player.

The Waitress: Female 20s-30s. The keeper of an all-night diner somewhere in the south. A cheerful lonely person. Instrumentalist a plus.

Mama Lilly: Female. 40s-60s. Hank’s mother. A “Marjorie Main” – strong and somewhat overbearing.

Hoss: [CAST]. Male. 30s. A member of Hank’s band, a big, boyish man. Plays upright (doghouse) bass.

Jimmy: Male. 20s-40s. A member of Hank’s band. Plays lead electric guitar. From Oklahoma, and his dialect gives him away.

Leon: Male. 20s-40s. A member of the band and a skilled multi-instrumentalist. Featured on the fiddle. Pleasant and taciturn.

Fred Rose (Pap): Male 40s – 60s. A founder and Nashville publishing executive. A Midwesterner from Chicago.

Audrey Williams: Female 20s – 30s. Hank’s first wife, later his professional widow. A blond Alabama beauty, sweet and exuberant.

Shag: The pedal steel guitar player. Any age.

OLEANNA by David Mamet. Dir: Chris Clavelli. 1st Reh: 3/26/24. Runs: 4/16/24 – 05/19/24. Possible Extension: 5/26/24. In Florida Rep’s ArtStage Studio Theatre.

Carol: A woman of twenty.

John: A man in his forties.