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Announcing Florida Rep's 2014-15 EPA in Fort Myers: June 17 & 18

Equity Principal Auditions:
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
2:00pm - 6:00pm


Wednesday, June 18
10:00am - 2:pm

Florida Repertory Theatre
2268 Bay Street
Fort Myers, FL 33901


For a five-minute appointment, call 239-332-4665, x30. Leave name, number, Equity status and choice of audition times and date. You will be called back w/confirmation. Equity Members w/o appointments will be seen throughout each audition session as time permits. Callbacks will be held at a later date.

Please prepare two brief contrasting monologues. If you are singing, please prepare one monologue and one song that showcases your voice and your ability to command the Golden Age/Gershwin style. An accompanist will be provided. Please bring a headshot, resume, and clearly marked music if you are planning to sing.

See the Casting Notice on the Actors' Equity Casting Call Site Here

All roles are available unless otherwise specified. For pre-cast roles, auditioning performers will be considered as possible (emergency) replacements, should any become necessary.

Seeking Actors for the Following Roles:

MURDER AT THE HOWARD JOHNSON’S by Ron Clark and Sam Bobrick.
Dir: Robert Cacioppo. 1st reh: 10/7/14. Runs 10/28–11/19. Possible extension to: 11/23. In the Historic Arcade Theatre.

Arlene Miller:
30s-40s. Very attractive. Having an affair with her dentist, Mitchell, and with him is plotting to kill her husband…at first.

Mitchell Lovell:
30s-40s. Her dentist. Not afraid of a loud plaid print. Having an affair with Arlene.

Paul Miller:
40s-50s. Arlene’s husband. A used car salesman. Not having an affair with anyone.

TRIBES by Nina Raine.
Dir: Chris Clavelli. 1st reh: 10/14/14. Runs 11/05–11/30. In Florida Rep’s ArtStage Studio Theatre.

Note: The play takes place in a north London suburb. Dialects will be used.

50s-60s. Billy’s father. Outspoken. An academic with strong opinions.

50s-60s. Billy’s mother. An eccentric writer. Also opinionated and outspoken.

20s. The youngest child. Deaf. Introverted and quiet (at first). Did not grow up as part of the deaf community, but becomes aware of it as the play progresses. Actively seeking deaf, hearing, and hard of hearing actors.

20s. Billy’ sister. The middle child. Very smart and quick-witted.

20s. Billy’s brother. The oldest child. Very intelligent. Plagued with depression and anxiety. When not well, he hears voices that cause him to stammer when he speaks.

20s. Going deaf and in the midst of adjusting to hearing less and less. Becomes Billy’s girlfriend. Because her parents are deaf, she has grown up in a deaf world and introduces Billy to it.

THE SEAFARER by Conor McPherson.
Dir: Chris Clavelli. 1st reh: 11/11/14. Runs 12/02–12/21. In the Historic Arcade Theatre.

Note: The play takes place in a coastal village just north of Dublin, Ireland. Dialects will be used.

James “Sharky” Harkin:
50s. Wiry and strong. Has lived a rough life, and it shows on his face. An erstwhile fisherman/van driver/chauffeur.

Richard Harkin:
Late 50s/60s. Sharky’s older brother. Recently gone blind.

Ivan Curry:
Late 40s. A friend of the Harkin brothers. Big and burly.

Nicky Giblin:
Late 40s/50s. A friend of Richard’s. A thin and nervous disposition, though amiable.

Mr. Lockhart:
50s. An acquaintance of Nicky’s. Suave, debonaire. Seems like a wealthy businessman, and he dresses very nicely.

THE SANTALAND DIARIES by David Sedaris. Adapted by Joe Mantello.
Dir: Chris Clavelli. 1st reh: 12/09/14. Runs 12/17–12/28. In Florida Rep’s ArtStage Studio Theatre.

CAST. 30s. Out-of-work writer/humorist. Spent one holiday season as a Macy’s Santaland “elf”. This is his story. Razor wit.

Dir: Robert Cacioppo. 1st reh: 12/16/14. Runs 1/06/15–1/28. Possible extension to: 02/01. In the Historic Arcade Theatre.

50s. Lives in his family’s estate in Bucks County, PA. Resigned to his lonely life, more or less, at least compared to Sonia.

Early 50s. Vanya’s adopted sister. Living in the family’s estate with her brother. Discontent, upset, regretful. Able to pull off a very effective impersonation of Dame Maggie Smith.

50s. Vanya’s sister. A glamorous and successful actress who goes gallivanting around the world. She has returned to Bucks County with bad news for her siblings.

Mid to late 20s. Masha’s new companion. An aspiring actor. Sexy. Many visible muscles. Adorably self-absorbed. Has a very manic disposition.

Early 20s. A lovely and sincere would-be actress. She is visiting her aunt who lives next door. Star-struck and energetic.

20s-30s. The cleaning lady and soothsayer. Seeking an actor of color.

FASCINATIN’ GERSHWIN Music by George Gershwin. Lyrics by Ira Gershwin. Conceived By Robert Cacioppo.
Dir: Robert Cacioppo. 1st reh: 1/06/15. Runs 1/28–3/15. Possible extension to: 03/22. In Florida Rep’s ArtStage Studio Theatre.

Note: The cast should be comprised of versatile singers who move extremely well. They must exude the style and glamour of the 1930s. Playing the piano or other musical instruments is a definite plus. Seeking actors of all races.

Player 1:
30s-40s. Classic leading man. Handsome, charming, and suave.  Baritone.

Player 2:
30s-40s. A classic leading lady. Glamorous. Legit soprano with mix. Must play the piano well enough to accompany herself and others for a portion of the show.

Player 3:
20s. Young leading man with a comic energy. Baritone/tenor.  

Player 4:
20s. Young and pretty. Effervescent and energetic. Mezzo-soprano with strong mix/belt. 

Player 5/Pianist:
30s-40s. Baritone/tenor. Accompanies the show, sings a few numbers, and has dialogue. Must be a pianist/accompanist, actor, and singer.

Dir: TBA. 1st reh: 1/20/15. Runs 2/10–3/4. Possible extension to: 3/8. In the Historic Arcade Theatre.

Note:  Most actors play multiple roles. Actors must have physical stamina and be WELL-VERSED in dialects, physical comedy, and general buffoonery. Many dialects and styles will be used. Seeking fearless actors who are willing to bring fresh ideas and bold characterizations to the table. 

Actor 1:
Male. 30s-50s. This actor plays most of the character roles, and must have a command of comedy and dialects. Must be very versatile.

Actor 2:
Male. 40s-50s. Plays multiple roles, but serves mostly as Detective Fix, the villain in pursuit of Fogg and his entourage. A bit of a comic buffoon.

Actor 3:
Male. 30s-50s. Plays Fogg’s trusty sidekick, Passepartout.

Actor 4:
Female. 20s-30s. This actress plays a number of men, but primarily plays Aouda, an Indian princess rescued by Fog – with whom she eventually falls in love.

Actor 5:
Male. Late 30s-40s. This actor portrays our hero, Phileas Fogg. A wealthy English gentleman. Proper, logical, and very precise. Handsome and daring.

Dir: Robert Cacioppo. 1st reh: 2/24/15. Runs 3/17–4/08. Possible extension to: 4/12. In the Historic Arcade Theatre.

Note: The play takes place in the late 1980s in Harrison, Texas. Appropriate dialects will be used.

Stella Gordon:
70s-80s. Matriarch of the Gordon family. Opinionated. Willful. Suffering from the early stages of dementia.

50s. Stella’s daughter. A dutiful widow who lives on the estate and cares for it and for her mother.

Mary Jo:
50s. Stella’s daughter. Calculating and relentless. Lives in Houston, but arrives to get her share of the divided estate.

Lewis Gordon:
50s. Stella’s son. An alcoholic and a gambler. Lives on the state. Feels things deeply underneath a gruff exterior. 

30s. Lucille’s son. Manages the Gordon Estate and Stella’s finances. A gentle man, but firm. Engaged to Pauline.

30s. An intellectual and earnest high school English teacher. A bit more “modern” than the Gordon family. Engaged to Son.

50s: Mary Jo’s husband. A schemer when it comes to the family fortune. An out-of-work realtor.

20s. Mary Jo’s daughter. Self-absorbed.

20s. Mary Jo’s other daughter. This one is materialistic.

Irene Ratliff:
18ish. Lewis’s girlfriend. A high school student.

80s-90s. Housekeeper who’s worked at the Gordon Estate his whole life. Proud. Becoming weak in his old age and is slipping mentally. African American.

40s-50s. A sharp-tongued cook, though kind and patient. Works at the Gordon Estate. African American.

20s-30s. An employee of the Gordon Estate. Young and optimistic. Attending junior college and striving to create a better life for herself. African American.

Dir: TBA. 1st reh: 3/31/15. Runs 4/21– 5/10. In the Historic Arcade Theatre.

Note: When the play is selected, the casting breakdowns will follow.


Florida Rep auditions locally every season, in New York, at SETC in March for internship candidates, and FPTA in May. Please check those websites for specific details.

Audition Hotline — 239-332-4665 x30

Florida Rep always accepts headshots via mail submission. No phone calls. Please send headshots and cover letters to:

Jason Parrish — Casting
c/o Florida Rep Theatre
PO Box 2483
Fort Myers, FL 33902-2483